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What is a Certified Court Interpreter? “That depends on where you are. The purpose of certification exams is to test practical interpreting ability to determine whether it meets a certain minimum standard. Read the Full Story
Telephonic Interpretation Telephonic interpretation is a useful tool for adjuster’s interviews, medical and legal appointment confirmations, social service intakes. This service is available 24/7 nationwide and in over 200 languages. Read the Full Story
Interpretation and translation “Interpretation and translation are different professions. Each requires a distinct set of skills and aptitudes, and most people are better suited for one or the other. While interpreters often work into and from both languages, translators generally work only into their active language. Read the Full Story


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We invite you to let our team of professional customer service providers, translators, interpreters & certified notaries facilitate the success of your business negotiations and communications.

Whether your needs require us on site, on a conference call, a medical office, courtroom, law firm or any other location, our team is ready to respond and deliver the best rendition possible.

We can assist you with all your language and notary needs nationwide.

We also offer Sign Language Interpreting.

Our professional interpreters, translators and certified notaries are available 24/7 nationwide.


Monday, September 01, 2014



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